Frequently Asked Questions

What is Highcourt?

Highcourt Leisure Club is a 5-floor, 30,000 sq. ft. membership club in downtown New York City.

The Club is located at 385 Broadway, between Walker Street and White Street, at the intersection of SoHo, TriBeCa and Chinatown.

Highcourt Leisure Club lookbook is HERE.

What is a Leisure Club?

A Leisure Club is a membership club that consists of and gives equal importance to two main offerings: self-care (fitness, hothouse and lockers) and socialization (food, beverage, events, programming).

Why join a Leisure Club now?

Highcourt Leisure Club is a trusted gathering space to feel supported and protected. We believe limiting your ‘touchpoints’ in the city will be essential and a Leisure Club can provide that opportunity to safely engage again with your communities and friends.

With many of us juggling living, working and working-out from home, work-life balance is increasingly challenging. Having a safe space to extend past our homes will be vital to achieving a good quality of life.

Who is a part of the Highcourt community so far?

The Highcourt team has gone all-in on a mission to improve leisure as we know it. We have backgrounds from Ritz-Carlton, Reebok Sports Club, The Fat Radish, Ace Hotels, Soho House, Dover Street Market and Refinery29 and together, we've developed a radical members club offering.

The Highcourt Member Council was formed with the vision of bringing together a small, curated group of people who we feel collectively will make Highcourt the best in class in terms of energy, diversity and environment. We’ve identified a group of the most interesting, dynamic and inspired New Yorkers and invited them to be on our Highcourt Member Council. We shared with the Council our vision to create a first of its kind, membership club entirely devoted to upgrading your downtime in a space that feels as comfortable as your home. They have graciously accepted and help us everyday to shape the culture of Highcourt.

How is Highcourt Leisure Club different from other membership clubs?

Highcourt is the first membership club entirely devoted to the concept of Intelligent Leisure.

What is Intelligent Leisure™?

Intelligent Leisure means being intentional about one’s off-time and doing what makes one happy through a harmonious unique blend of calm and kinetic, artful and athletic, personal inspiration and social connection. Trademarked in our early days, Intelligent Leisure represents a key tenet of the Highcourt way.

How has COVID-19 affected the Club's plans to open?

In 2018, Highcourt's Co-Founders, Colleen & Hailey Brooks, went all-in and raised capital to start building a new kind of space called a "leisure club" first in their minds and then, more literally, a flagship location – actually shutting down Broadway to load over 100 tons of new structural steel beams into the building at 385 Broadway one exciting weekend this past winter.

By early Spring of 2020, Highcourt Leisure Club was near complete when COVID-19 hit and we were faced with a very difficult decision to either let the pandemic 'win' and halt the project, or to uphold our belief that urbanites deserve a space like this, bring in Founding Members now...our decision: to keep going!

Membership applications are now open and as long as its safe, Highcourt is planning on opening doors to a limited number of members in 2021.

What are your COVID-19 exposure control measures?

Highcourt's team is taking this time to develop our own best practices, to ensure we take the necessary steps for safety and hygiene, and to study and listen to our industry peers and of course, our members. You can be sure that Highcourt Leisure Club will adhere to all New York City, New York State and federal regulations, and will implement our own additional measures to ensure the constant safety of our staff, guests and members.

What will Highcourt’s hours be?

Sunday - Thursday 6AM - 1AM

Friday - Saturday 6AM - 2AM

What are the amenities at Highcourt?

  • Gallery
  • Hothouse & locker rooms
  • Group fitness classrooms & open-gym floor for personal training
  • Project Space & Café
  • Restaurant
  • Bar/lounge
  • Rooftop

How do you select your members?

A Highcourt Member is someone who has far flung interests and takes a holistic approach to their quality of life. Together, our community is a diverse population united in the pursuit of leisure. Our peer-to-peer membership model means our members are endorsed by our Member Council – a small, curated group of people that we feel would make Highcourt the best in class in terms of energy, diversity and environment. The magic will come from giving groups of friends repeat opportunity to mix, collide and combine.

Do I need to know someone in Highcourt to be able to join?

No. Although most of our members will have been endorsed by an existing member as part of our peer-to-peer model, we also welcome applications from people that may not know a member. We ask that you try to give us a sense of how you spend your leisure time and why you want to join Highcourt. After that, someone on the Membership Team may reach out to schedule a conversation to learn more about you!

What are the Membership fees & dues?

  • $300/month, with an annual commitment
  • $500 one-time initiation fee

Membership grants you access to all five floors of the Club, as well as Highcourt’s programming (unless otherwise stated).

Highcourt does not offer pricing tiers or discounts. Tax is not included.

What is the ‘Louder Together’ Highcourt Member Pledge?

As part of our ‘Louder Together’ Highcourt Member Pledge, we donated $100 from the Initiation Fee received from each and every accepted member before August 15, 2020, up to $100,000, to organizations dedicated to racial equality and social justice for our Black community. We are bringing together our Member Council on where the funds will be targeted, with an emphasis on causes with local Black community impact.

How do I apply for a Membership at Highcourt?

The Highcourt Membership Team is now accepting applications through Email us at if you have any questions with your application.

Can I visit Highcourt as a non-member?

As long as we are running at a comfortable capacity that day, you may visit Highcourt as a guest of an existing member. Please have the host member check in with our concierge prior to your visit to ensure we are capable to accept guests that day. All guests must be with their host member at all times. We do not offer day passes for guests or non-members.

Is Highcourt ADA-compliant?

All of Highcourt Leisure Club is fully ADA-compliant, including our rooftop.

What is Highcourt’s pet policy?

No dogs or other pets are permitted on the Highcourt premises, with the exception of recognized service animals and except with the permission of the Club in specific instances.

Can my spouse/partner and I share a membership?

Highcourt does not offer shared memberships.

What is Highcourt’s smoking policy?

Smoking is not permitted on the Highcourt premises, including our rooftop and anywhere in front of our building.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Text us at 877-385-3870 to chat with our Membership Team. We’ll be hosting weekday office hours from 11am-6pm EST.

For general inquiries, please email us at

For individual and corporate membership inquiries, please email