About Us

The Highcourt team has gone all-in on a mission to improve leisure as we know it. We have backgrounds from Ritz-Carlton, Reebok Sports Club, The Fat Radish, Ace Hotels, Soho House, Dover Street Market and Refinery29 and together, we've developed a radical members club offering.

Trusted Gathering Space

The reason we live in cities is the thrill and the serendipitous nature of seeing friends in places we love. Coming back from the shutdown we will value trusted gathering spaces more as they enable us to engage safely again. As we continue to work, live and workout at home, our daily balance will be challenged and a separate space dedicatd to leisure becomes crucial for achieving proper quality of life.


We have zero-tolerance for racism, hate and violence both within and outside of the Highcourt community, and we realize now we have to proactively speak out. Passivity and silence is not an option. Highcourt steadfastly stands in solidarity with the anger, grief and calls for justice in Black communities. We acknowledge there is still immense work to be done in the hospitality industry (in particular, membership clubs) and we pledge to do our part with creating a space of inclusivity.

We believe an intelligent way to spend your leisure time is to educate yourself on inequalities, spreading awareness to those outside of your immediate world, and advocating for change. Highcourt pledges to generate a large amount of change in our world with real, long term impact.

Applications Are Open

As we grow our membership, our voice becomes louder together. We are VERY excited to announce applications for membership at our Leisure Club are open.

'Louder Together' Members Pledge

We are even MORE excited to share our ‘Louder Together’ $100,000 Highcourt Members Pledge. We donated $100 from the Initiation Fee received from each and every accepted member before August 15, 2020, up to $100,000, to organizations dedicated to racial equality and social justice for our Black community. We are bringing together our Member Council to help us direct the funds, with an emphasis on causes with long-term, local Black community impact.

Long-Term Commitment

We will take the 15% Pledge, started by Aurora James, for at least fifteen percent of our retail buys to go to Black-owned businesses. We will donate time every year in our Broadway-facing ground floor art gallery to showcasing Black artists and creatives. Further, we are working towards incorporating activism into our cultural programming, via mentorship programs, grassroots community activations and smaller ‘clubs within our club’ for intersectional conversation.

With every new member, our voice will grow louder and we will continue to make a difference.

We look forward to hosting with you as soon as we can.

Stay safe and with much love,

Colleen & Hailey Brooks
Highcourt Co-Founders & Leisurists