NYMag The Cut: Two Female Founders Explain What It Is Like to Fund Their First Business

October 26, 2016

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Everyone has heard the legend of the “back of the napkin” idea. A person — usually a man — has a great business idea hit him like a lightning bolt, he scribbles it down on the back of a napkin, takes that napkin into meetings with investors, and boom, he becomes a start-up kajillionaire in three months.

Colleen and Hailey Brooks — two sisters who also had an idea — would tell that story differently. When they decided in January of last year to open their own version of the currently di rigueur social-house model — one that incorporates fitness, wellness, and “intelligent leisure” called High Court — they knew it would be an uphill battle from the start. There were highs, lows, and a complete overhaul of the myth of the napkin when the two female founders started their business, and almost a year after their first meeting with investors, the Brooks sisters have completed their first round of fundraising. Here’s what it took to get High Court off the ground.


WELLTODO GLOBAL WELLNESS NEWS: High Court Signals A New Wave Of Premium Wellness Clubs

August 16, 2016

As millennials continue to prioritise their health over hedonism, the riotous members clubs that once drew in hordes of creatives and wealthy businessmen are being replaced by a new wave of establishments catering to the pursuit of well-being.

Creating sanctuaries dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life (rather than escaping it), these private enclaves are bringing together ambitious, health-minded individuals, who are looking for ways to incorporate wellness into their fast-paced lives.

Touted as being a ‘third space, outside of work and home’, High Court, which is set to open in New York in early 2017, combines wellness with intelligent leisure, says co-founder Hailey Brooks.

“What we really want to offer our members is a new way to socialize – combining things that are good for them and that they are curious to learn more about,” she explains.


Bloomberg TV: Living the High Life at High Court

August 3, 2016

High Court co-founders Colleen and Hailey Brooks discuss the formation of their new venture. They speak on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

Watch Here

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Bloomberg: Soho House Meets Equinox in This Sanctuary for New Urban Elites

July 25, 2016

Limitless yoga, wafting sage, and all things Gwyneth Paltrow are hallmarks of High Court, home of ‘Intelligent Leisure.’

Imagine you are working. You are stressed. You are bombarded by e-mails, phone calls, life. For many, this is everyday reality, but for the select few, an alternate universe is being constructed for your daily escape. 

Instead of crawling under your desk and waiting for 5 p.m. to come, imagine you walk into a members-only, 6,000-square-foot sanctuary filled with limitless yoga classes, cold-pressed juices, and the smells of sage and palo santo wood wafting through the air. You head to the locker room, placing your bare feet on the terrazzo floor and your belongings in a locker made with sustainable northeastern wood. Pad over to the yoga studio and take a child's pose on your eco-friendly byVivid yoga mat as other members—but never more than 20—trickle in. Afterward, you wrap yourself in a Turkish robe and maybe take in a lecture on crystal healing. On your way out, you can even pick up some of Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite Brain Dust at the in-house store. 


NorthJersey: Rutherford natives look to attract business elite with wellness studio

August 11, 2016

Rutherford natives and sisters Colleen and Hailey Brooks are looking to change the face of how business people do business in New York. The sisters held a pop-up from June 13 through 16 in New York to showcase their one-of-a-kind high luxury wellness studio club concept – High Court. The concept could change how New York workers conduct business, as well as how they decompress in between meetings.

According to Colleen Brooks, the space, located on Nassau and Fulton streets in the financial district, will officially be opening at the beginning of 2017 and will feature a variety of ways for busy workers to relax and socialize. The sisters call it "intelligent leisure."



Live the process: A glimpse at high court happenings

July 11, 2016

"High Court is introducing a new way to socialize through intelligent leisure. We’re offering members a third space: somewhere to practice yoga with a likeminded community, work a little, invite friends or clients and grab something healthy to eat."


Observer: forget soho house. theres a new social house opening downtown

July 7, 2016

When you have an hour to kill in the city, it can be difficult to make impromptu plans. After all, if your circle is spread out, you can’t exactly expect them to appear at your exact location within minutes, even with Uber. Now, there’s a new “social wellness house” in town to stop by when you have a free moment, ready to replace Soho House as your after-work cocktail hang…only healthy. Unlike the buzzy new wellness workspaces, it’s more focused on being a spot where you can stop by for a manicure, wellness talk or yoga class, only all in one place. 



July 13, 2016

Starting today, Colleen and Hailey Brooks are unveiling a short-term sample of their highly anticipated Lower Manhattan social house experience, High Court Happenings. The four-day experience will involve a contemporary curation of yoga, meditation, tastings, workshops and stimulating interactions including one roundtable discussion called, “Healthy By Design.”

Here, in anticipation, the Brooks sisters sit down with one panelist, Alissa Wagner, co-founder and chef of Dimes in Chinatown, to pick her brain about building a New York City business from scratch and bringing the modern health food movement to the forefront.