Intelligent Leisure: Episode One


Intelligent Leisure, the podcast, episode one

Introducing the first episode of High Court's new podcast, Intelligent Leisure, where we plan to explore all of the passions, professions, and hobbies that we are curious about - basically the radio version of what we plan to continue hosting live with High Court events. 

This episode includes Margaret Williamson Bechtold, our creative advisor and friend, as well as Colleen and Hailey the founders of High Court. They will be discussing what it takes to launch a business in New York - with your sister no less - and specifically how to host a four-day conceptual experience (High Court Happenings) with only five weeks to prepare and a start-up sized budget. 

More episodes to follow including some of the interesting discussions we have from High Court Happenings in July. 

You can of course find this podcast on iTunes under High Court Intelligent Leisure, or by clicking here