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of Life, 

By Design 

Introducing Intelligent 

Leisure, High Court’s

contemporary approach 

to improving the quality

of life of its members.

Now accepting founding member interest

Creative minds from across all industries are rethinking how well and in what type of environment they choose to spend their time. 

High Court will set the bar for what the new kind of social house should look and feel like through a contemporary approach to design and hospitality and a mission to improve one's quality of life. 

We target valuable and interesting individuals bringing energy and curiosity to the community.

Tell us more about yourself below, and we would love to meet you. 

[High Court has its] own version of the currently de rigueur social-house model — one that incorporates fitness, wellness, and intelligent leisure.
— New York Magazine, The Cut
Soho House Meets Equinox in This Sanctuary for New Urban Elites
— Bloomberg
High Court signals a new wave of premium wellness clubs.
— WellToDo London

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