Mindfully integrated spaces and experiences.


What we do. HighCourt is a wellness house with a mission to improve the quality of life in a workday. Not everyone needs co-working. We're a blank canvas for wellness offline pursuits and single-tasking. 


Why we are doing it. No longer satisfied with the gym/office/home routine, there is a lack of specifically curated spaces that bring together scattered wellness ambitions.


The Offerings. An elevated extension of your day, aligning work and life with intelligent leisure. Carefully curated to promote balance and wellness into busy lifestyles in a way that isn't intimidating or stigmatized. 


The Space. Our flagship location opens January 2017 in Lower Manhattan, on the corner of Nassau and Fulton, blocks away from One World Trade, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Seaport. A clean, lofted space with plenty of room to breathe.✨🍑☂🌵